Welfare Africa Rainforest Africa (WARA) has been founded to handle the corporate social responsibilities of Wilson Consortium Ltd.

The Mission Statement is to contribute to the Sustainable Management and Restoration of the African Rainforest which sits well into the Global Strategy on the Reduction of Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation, Sustainable Management of Forest and the Enhancement of Forest Carbon Stocks (REDD+)

This will be achieved by reducing avoidable human interference within the Forest Belts through four (4) main activities namely

  1. Reafforestation
  2. Alternative Livelihood for fringe communities
  3. Education for fringe communities
  4. Health for the fringe communities

The starting areas of operation are

  1. The Dampia Forest Reserve, its Off Reserve and Fringe communities
  2. The Denyau Forest Reserve, its Off Reserve and Fringe communities

All these areas are in the Ashanti Region in Ghana where there have been and continue to be serious activities of illegal mining and logging leading to the serious degradation and deforestation of the forest Belts and their resources including the pollution of water bodies.

WARA will overtime extend its activities to all other areas of Wilson Consortium Ltd’s operations including the Eastern and Western Regions of Ghana and beyond.

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