Management Team

The WILSON CONSORTIUM is headed by Mr. Kwame Albert Wilson. Mr. Wilson brings with him irrefutable background experience and expertise in the West African agricultural business sector that germinates from his mentoring under tutorship of his father involving the Wilson family’s rubber plantation business that has been in existence for over 50 years.

Wilson Consortium Ltd for the records is an offshoot of Wilson Estates Ltd whose founder, the late Henry Ofosu Wilson was the first African to be appointed by the erstwhile United African Company (UAC) as a Plantation Manager and was responsible for the development of Rubber and Oil Palm Estates in Nigeria, Cameroon and later on Ghana under President Nkrumah and subsequent regimes between the mid 1940s and 1960s.

The pedigree of Wilson Consortium Ltd is well rooted in plantation agriculture

Mr. Wilson’s formal education is extensive with significant concentration in the classic business disciplines and specific agricultural related subject matters.

Mr. Wilson’s vast experience and proven business management skills provide the company with one of the most critical components necessary for ultimate success.

In addition, he has functioned in a number of management and other capacities, which include:-

  1. Managing Director of Wilson Estates Limited, the holding company for the Wilsons’ agricultural operations;
  2. Chief Executive Officer of Raofin Company Limited, a Timber Logging Company;
  3. Director/Shareholder of Ghana Fruits Company Limited;
  4. CEO / Shareholder of Agro Seeds & Development Company Limited.
  5. A member of a Task Force of 12 persons appointed to prepare the grounds for the establishment of the Institute of Directors – Ghana at a workshop organized in June 1998 by the State Enterprise Commission with support from the Commonwealth Secretariat and the Commonwealth Association for Corporate Governance in Accra. This was the first Workshop on Corporate Governance in Ghana. 
  6. Member of the Governing Council, Institute of Directors – Ghana.
  7. Currently,

Executive Chairman and Founder of Welfare Africa Rainforest Africa

Member, Institute of Directors – Ghana.

Vice President, Governing Council of United Way Ghana.

In addition to Mr. K. Albert Wilson, the company has very competent, tested and capable management and technically proficient team players.


Wilson Consortium Ltd.,
No. 24 Feo Eyeo Link,
North Industrial Area

Postal Address:
P. O. Box CT 3083,
Cantonments, Accra – Ghana

+233 (0)20 815 81 84
+233 (0)55 300 71 50


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