Wilson Consortium Ltd is a wholly Ghanaian owned Limited Liability Company duly registered with the Registrar General’s Department in Ghana.

It was established primarily for the purpose of pursuing technically feasible, financially viable, socio-economically desirable, environmentally friendly and strategically targeted export oriented opportunities in the Agribusiness and Botanicals (Non – Timber Forest Products) that feed the Spices, Processed Fruits, Medicinal, Nutraceutical, Food and Organic Industries utilizing bioconversion processes to provide “added value” products for sale locally and into the international market community.

The Ghana Government’s present Agricultural and Trade Policy is geared towards the development and promotion of Non-Traditional Exports which includes Non – Timber Forest Products as a broad national objective to diversify the export base so as to facilitate an export led growth strategy.

Agriculture is the basis of Ghana’s economy. It must not only supply the nutritional needs of its population by achieving food security but also must earn the majority of export income. Thus, the transition from this economy to an industrial economy depends primarily on the performance of agriculture, and, within agriculture, mainly the Non-Traditional Export sector, which has the potential of providing far more export income.

The corporate objectives of WILSON CONSORTIUM LTD fit well into the national matrix.


Corporate Vision

The corporate vision of WILSON CONSORTIUM LTD is to develop a mixed portfolio of plantations of targeted crops using an Agro-Forestry Approach in an integrated fashion from botanical collection, estate development, processing and adaption through agro-industrialization for export.

The process will lay the foundation for economic prosperity of depressed entities in the catchment areas of our operations and beyond and to compete aggressively in the world agribusiness community by teaming economically available raw products with modern processing, financial and marketing systems, thereby resulting in value added products that can result in significant cost savings to end product users and sustain returns on investments.

Equally important is the contribution to the country’s strategy on the Reduction of Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation, Sustainable Management of Forests and the Enhancement of Forest Carbon Stocks (REDD+)



To gain the highest recogination for research and development of natural and herbal products right from plantation development that meet the exacting needs of all end-users including industry through innovative scientific research, collaborative and productive parterships worldwide.

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